Our team of neurosurgeons, scientists, practitioners and support staff is devoted to providing the very best neurosurgical care for adults and children with all types of neurological disorders of the central (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the blood vessels supplying them. We accept and treat every patient. Our Department is unique in that each of our neurosurgeons specializes in a very focused and specific area of neurosurgery, with many being recognized internationally as experts in their fields. Patients receive the very best in neurosurgical care, resulting in consistently excellent outcomes. Simply put, our compassion, expertise and hospital facilities are unsurpassed in the state and New England corridor. 

Under our relatively new leadership, our focus has been on clinical expansion and fostering important relationships with community physicians to continue to provide exceptional care to patients. Meanwhile we are maintaining excellence in building translational research programs to discover new ways to treat neurosurgical diseases. Our research program is the third-best funded neurosurgery department in the United States.

We strive to excel in the three pillars of academic neurosurgery:

  • Providing the highest level of technically exceptional, comprehensive and highly specialized neurosurgical care for our patients
  • Translating novel scientific findings into more advanced treatment opportunities, including clinical trials, for patient care
  • Educating students and resident physicians to produce the next generation of neurosurgical leaders

We readily accept referrals from other neurosurgeons and physicians throughout Connecticut and beyond. We provide prompt consultation and management for high-risk, complicated conditions that require our unparalleled expertise and experience. 

Conditions we treat include:

  • All types of primary brain tumors, including gliomas, glioblastomas and meningiomas
  • Metastatic brain, spine and spinal cord tumors
  • Pituitary tumors (adenomas)
  • Spinal disorders (such as herniated disks, stenosis and scoliosis)
  • Peripheral nerve syndromes (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Neurovascular disease (aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, and carotid artery stenosis)
  • Pediatric and congenital disorders (including hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis, spina bifida, and congenital spine deformities)
  • Movement disorders (including deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease and tremors)
  • Pain disorders (such as trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Spasticity (including multiple sclerosis)
  • Brain and spine trauma
  • Cerebrospinal fluid disorders (such as normal pressure hydrocephalus)
  • Epilepsy

Our patients receive compassionate, comprehensive and informed care. We see new patients as quickly as possible, often within days, depending on the urgency of the condition.

We see and treat patients at 10 Yale New Haven Health System locations, including the Yale New Haven Hospital York Street and Saint Raphael campuses; Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven; Yale Children's Hospital, and the West Haven VA Hospital. The York Street Campus boasts a specialized neuroscience intensive care unit. It is staffed by dedicated intensivists and nurses specially trained in caring for patients with neurological conditions. Surgeries are performed in state-of-the-art operating rooms, including New England's only hybrid operating room with intraoperative MRI and angiography capabilities and anesthesia provided by sub-specialized anesthesiologists focused on neurosurgery.  

We offer Y Access, a direct line of communication that gives community physicians direct, 24/7 access for the rapid transfer of inpatients who would benefit from our neurosurgical expertise.