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General Neurosurgery

Our neurosurgeons provide excellence in general neurosurgery care. While some conditions require a subspecialized neurosurgeon, others actually benefit from a more general approach to managing disease. As a result, patients can receive care closer to home and in a community setting.

A dedicated neurovascular surgeon is on call and ready to mobilize a team at a moment’s notice—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to providing emergency treatments for conditions such as acute stroke and brain bleeds, we are readily available for elective treatments for aneurysms and other vascular lesions that are discovered incidentally. We streamline access to emergency neurovascular care for referring physicians, guaranteeing patients will receive the timeliest and best care anywhere.

Our Approach

Our state-of-the-art VISIUS Surgical Theater is equipped with a powerful MRI that provides highly detailed images, and an integrated, bi-plane X-ray angiography system that allows our experts to better visualize arteries and vessels. The ability for a patient to receive preoperative diagnostic imaging, open microsurgery, percutaneous, catheter-based endovascular treatments, and post-operative checks all in the same room, while remaining in one place, is unique in the tri-state area and a model system in North America and the world. This advanced technology makes it possible to tackle the most complex neurovascular conditions with the highest degree of safety.