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Brain Tumor Surgery

We cover all of the components critical to successfully managing patients with brain tumors. This includes comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, genomic profiling of the tumor, leading-edge treatment options, follow-up, and psychosocial support. We welcome newly diagnosed patients as well as those who have already received extensive treatment elsewhere, along with patients in need of second surgeries or follow-up biopsies. We work closely with other Yale Medicine brain tumor doctors to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that is patient-focused.

Our Approach

Using advanced microsurgical techniques, including intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and awake craniotomy (when appropriate), our brain tumor surgeons strive to achieve the maximum extent of tumor removal while preserving neurological function.

Often, what is often deemed "inoperable" by some surgeons is considered operable at Yale with successful outcomes. We are the only hospital in the region to have MRI and angiography capabilities in our operating room. Yale New Haven Hospital also banks all tumor samples and performs genomic profiling to better understand tumor mutations. We use this information to help direct postsurgical therapy.

Our state-of-the-art neurosurgical operating rooms in Smilow Cancer Hospital are the only in the regionto offer intraoperative MRI, intraoperative angiography, stereotactic surgical guidance, and operative brain mapping to precisely pinpoint brain tumors during surgery.These technologies, combined with our surgical expertise allow for the best in surgical care for patients.

Our Team

A team of experts dedicated to caring for patients with brain tumors, including specialized brain tumor surgeons, radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists, medical neuro-oncologists, neuropathologists, and other specialists meets weekly to arrive at the most advanced and appropriate treatment plan for each individual. Yale is one of the few centers capable of offering even more personalized and precise oncologic care, when appropriate, based on the genetic makeup of the individual’s tumor.

Inquiries from referring physicians or directly from patients or their families are welcome. All inquiries are handled expeditiously by our team of experienced patient coordinators. Their role includes ensuring that appropriate appointments are made in a timely fashion, and coordinating with the various medical specialists involved in each treatment plan. New patients with brain tumors are usually seen within two or three days. Our patient coordinators also act as patient advocates, communicating with the various medical specialists contributing to the treatment plan.

Through Yale’s strong tradition of and commitment to research, practitioners are well acquainted with the most advanced treatment methods and have access to clinical trials. Patients also benefit from the specialized resources at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital, such as an advanced Neurological Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a dedicated ICU team, as well as the latest imaging technologies.