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Yale Pediatric Spine Program

The Yale Pediatric Spine program treats children with spinal conditions using the highest level of expertise and care. Because we understand that navigating the treatment options for a child’s spinal condition can be a difficult experience, we focus on bringing our providers together as a team dedicated to delivering cohesive, expert care. The spine team includes anesthesiologists, nurses, advanced practice providers, physical therapists, child life specialists, and fellowship-trained neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons who are experienced in treating the most complex spinal conditions using up-to-date and evidence-based techniques to provide outcomes of the highest quality and value.

Our providers tailor spinal deformity treatments to each patient according to their needs. We offer several treatment options, including physical therapy, bracing, growth-friendly solutions for early onset scoliosis, halo gravity traction for complex deformities, and newer fusionless techniques for appropriately selected patients. Nonoperative strategies are almost always utilized as initial treatment, but if surgical care becomes necessary, our team and program provide the technical expertise and rapid surgical recovery pathways to ensure the smoothest recovery possible.