Video visit with a transplant patient

Yale Medicine Telehealth is developing innovative and convenient ways for you to visit with your physician using your tablet or mobile phone. Your referring physician is also able to communicate directly with a Yale Medicine specialists and remotely share images, electronic medical records and other tools to help examine, diagnose, treat and provide you with continuous follow-up for your medical condition.

We are excited to be on the forefront of a new way to provide specialty healthcare to our patients. Telehealth programs have grown nationwide and we plan continual expansion of Yale Medicine’s telehealth service offerings.

Telehealth Video Visits

  • Post-Surgical Visits
    Physicians can visit with patients remotely. This technology may be available to you after surgery if your provider determines that video visits are recommended for your care. All you need is a Smartphone or tablet, an active MyChart account and the MyChart App downloaded onto your mobile device. See how a transplant patient is benefiting from Yale Medicine's Telehealth program.
  • Behavioral Health Consults
    Yale Medicine behavioral health specialists can visit patients in the emergency room using their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Second Opinion Program
    Yale Medicine offers a second opinion program using PinnacleCare, a confidential healthcare advisor service that can coordinates a second opinion appointments using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through PinnacleCare VirtualConnect, you can seek and receive a second opinion from a Yale Medicine specialty physician right in the comfort of your home.

Telehealth eConsultations

  • eConsult
    Yale Medicine has an Enhanced Referral and eConsult initiative to improve communication and care coordination between primary care providers and specialists. This platform helps medical providers to exchange information more easily to better manage care for their patients.
  • TeleStroke
    In collaboration with Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale Medicine’s TeleStroke program uses video and image-sharing telecommunications, to provide remote neurologic expertise when patients present with acute stroke symptoms at an affiliated hospital. Yale Medicine stroke specialists can examine patients at remote hospitals miles away to help diagnose the patient's illness and recommend a plan of care.
  • Tele-ICU
    InSight Tele-ICU offers virtual physician consultations with Yale Medicine specialists for patients who are in Intensive Critical Care Units at hospitals throughout the state of Connecticut.

Remote Enrollment into Clinical Research

Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) receive research applications from telehealth patients who are interested in participating in a medical research study. Remote visits for video consent, pre-screening and study activities help our clinical research team to offer medical research opportunities to more participants. For more information about our clinical research programs, visit