Jaime Grutzendler, MD

Jaime Grutzendler, MD
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Adult; Older Adult

Jaime Grutzendler, MD, works with patients in the Adler Memory Clinic at Yale, where he combines innovative therapies with his specialized expertise in dealing with dementia, and connects families to support groups and services. “In some ways, you are treating the family,” he says. The clinic works closely with the Yale Medicine Dorothy Adler Geriatric Assessment Program, an outpatient consultative service with a national reputation.

Dr. Grutzendler cares for patients with Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal and vascular dementia, as well as behavioral and neurodegenerative disorders. He and his colleagues have access to innovative therapies—sometimes before they hit the market. “Scientists have been learning more about the role of genes in Alzheimer’s, and the Adler Memory Clinic utilizes genetic testing for some patients, he says.

A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Dr. Grutzendler is working toward improving care for patients through the Grutzendler Lab at Yale, where he works with researchers to understand brain function and the cellular basis of neurological diseases. In addition, he directs the Center for Experimental Neuroimaging at Yale, fostering interactions among Yale investigators who study the physiology and pathology of the central and peripheral nervous systems to better understand and treat a variety of neurological conditions.