Pain Management for C-Sections

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Pregnant woman sitting in park.
Why Yale Medicine?
  • We provide dedicated obstetrical anesthesiology care for patients.
  • We meet with high-risk patients and those having planned C-sections in advance.
  • Other medical centers refer their most complex cases to us.

If you are going to give birth by caesarean section and are concerned about the anesthesia, you should know that the procedure is safer than ever before. Anesthesiologist do everything possible to make sure you're comfortable during delivery—and that you and your baby are safe. 

“It’s really about the mother’s experience,” says Ferne Braveman, MD, director of obstetrics and gynecological anesthesiology at Yale Medicine, and professor of anesthesiology, and of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. Yale Medicine has dedicated obstetrical anesthesiologists who are highly skilled in helping women through both planned and emergency C-sections.