Ryan Steele, DO

Ryan Steele, DO
Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From physicians only
Patient type treated: Adult
Board Certified in Allergy & Immunology

Ryan Steele, DO, MSc, is a board certified allergist-immunologist and internist. He cares for patients in the full range of allergic and immunologic diseases. 

“The effect that allergens can have varies greatly depending on the type of allergic disease you have such as allergic rhinitis, eczema, or asthma,” says Dr. Steele. “New treatments for each of these conditions have certainly increased our ability to help allergy sufferers.”

Dr. Steele conducted post-doctoral research in the development of novel therapeutics in the treatment of auto-immune diseases. Most recently he started the Yale Allergy & Immunology Contact Dermatitis Program.

“The ability to diagnosis and treat allergies to products people are using every day can be life changing. It’s extremely gratifying to give answers to patients who may have been struggling to find answers for years.”

Dr. Steele is an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Yale School of Medicine, and serves as program director of the Yale Allergy & Immunology Contact Dermatitis Program.