Marcus Bosenberg, MD, PhD

Marcus Bosenberg, MD, PhD
Accepting new patients? No
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Child; Adult; Older Adult
Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology and Dermatopathology

Marcus Bosenberg, MD, PhD, specializes in skin pathology, identifying skin cancers, autoimmune skin disorders and skin infections under the microscope. “As a dermatopathologist, I enjoy being part of a team that works hard to provide the best available health care for each patient,” he says.  

An expert in deciphering even the slightest variations in skin cells, Dr. Bosenberg and other members of the Yale Medicine dermatopathology team evaluate biopsy samples sent to the lab from doctors all over the country. With challenging cases, Dr. Bosenberg and his colleagues collaborate during a daily consensus conference at a multi-head microscope to ensure the right diagnosis is made. “I am always excited to work out challenging clinical and research problems,” he says. 

A professor of dermatology and pathology at Yale School of Medicine, he leads a melanoma research laboratory and is a co-leader of a genetics and genomics program. His research focuses on genetic and cellular changes that result in melanoma, the leading cause of skin cancer deaths, as well as new therapies for melanoma.

“Through our research, we are trying to find better ways to diagnose and treat skin cancer,” says Dr. Bosenberg.