Leslie Sude, MD

Leslie Sude, MD
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? Not Applicable
Patient type treated: Child

Pediatrician Leslie Sude, MD, has a simple and reassuring message for parents who bring their children to her: You know your child best.

“Sometimes, parents’ confidence is undermined by themselves or other parents or media influences,” Dr. Sude explains. “I try to give them as much patient education as I can, and also instill confidence in their own abilities as a parent. I want to help them find their own inner strengths. At the end of the day, parents know what is best for their child.”

A general pediatrician, Dr. Sude is particularly interested in disorders of learning, attention and behavior. “I enjoy taking on the challenge of making kids who struggle with these issues successful in school and at home,” she says. “It takes patience and time, but by collaborating with schools, mental health centers and families, a child who once struggled can make great gains with the right support.”

Dr. Sude’s very favorite part of her job, she says, is building bonds with her patients and their families. “There is nothing more fun than taking care of a newborn baby and then later seeing him or her grow up and graduate from high school,” she says. “I also love teaching medical students, which we do in our office.”