Our Approach

It is important to have an accurate diagnosis in order to plan for the future. Because this usually requires the opinion of several experts, a diagnosis and treatment plan is typically not made at the first visit. In most cases, our multidisciplinary team will review your case and the results of this detailed evaluation will be discussed at your next visit.

We will formulate a treatment plan for you based on your specific diagnosis, medical issues, and preferences and discuss it in detail with you. We will also keep your referring and primary care doctors informed of our recommendations.

If you are eligible for any clinical trials, we will also discuss this with you in detail.

We offer strong support from the pulmonary fibrosis community at the local and national level. Locally, we conduct periodic support groups for patient with IPF and scleroderma. We also work to raise scientific understanding and public awareness of ILD by participating in the Yale Fibrosis Symposium which is held yearly. Please call 203-785-419 or contact ildinfo@yale.edu for more information.