Our Approach

Thyroid cancer can be divided into the well-differentiated types (papillary and follicular), medullary thyroid cancer, and anaplastic thyroid cancer. The most common are the well-differentiated forms, which generally have an excellent prognosis. Typically, they are treated with a combination of surgery, radioactive iodine and thyroid suppression. The less common types of thyroid cancer can be very aggressive. Specialized thyroid surgical expertise is essential for management of all thyroid cancers.

Endocrine, Head and Neck (EHN) Program

Our Endocrine, Head and Neck (EHN) specialty pathology program, directed by a senior endocrine pathologist, provides the highest level of diagnostic and prognostic services to patients with tumors of the endocrine systems and the head and neck.


The Endocrine Cancers Program collaborates closely with the Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program to screen and evaluate patients who may have hereditary thyroid cancer.