Sleep Study

This information is useful for adults and older adults
An African American woman enjoys a restful sleep in bed after being diagnosed in a sleep study and then treated.

“I feel so rested!” When was the last time you heard someone say those words? Chances are that it’s been a while: As many as 50 to 70 million adults in the United States have a chronic sleep disorder, and many others struggle with sleep-related issues for which they haven’t seen a doctor.

At Yale Medicine, our specialists in the Sleep Medicine Program conduct comprehensive studies for people who suspect they may have a sleep disorder, and use the results to craft an individualized treatment program.

Most sleep disorders respond well to treatment but failing to get the treatment you need can cause a cascade of physical, mental and emotional health problems. “If left untreated, sleep disorders can result in abnormal mental function and behaviors,” says Christine Won, MD, director of Yale Medicine’s Women’s Sleep Health Program.

Clinical Trials

New treatments for many conditions are tested in clinical trials, which ultimately bring lifesaving new drugs and devices to the patients who need them most. By participating in a clinical trial, you may get access to the most advanced treatments for your condition, and help determine their benefits for future patients.