Safety Training Simulation

This information is useful for children, adults, and older adults
Why Yale Medicine?
  • The Yale Center for Medical Simulation provides life-like workshops to help our doctors practice life-saving skills.
  • Simulation training helps doctors deliver better patient experiences.
  • We are dedicated to skill mastery, helping us provide the highest quality of care for patients.

Safety training simulation is a way of training physicians and other medical staff by recreating real-life medical scenarios in a controlled setting. The approach differs from the traditional form of medical training, in which doctors are taught theory and then closely supervised as they first try procedures in real life. Training simulation enables doctors to sharpen and maintain certain skills or master new skills before applying them in emergency situations.

“Our mission is based in the strong evidence that procedural training reduces error and complication and increases efficiency,” says James W. Bonz, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and the director of procedural simulation at the Yale Center for Medical Simulation (YCMS).