Liver Transplant

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Liver Transplant
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Yale Medicine is a destination center for patients from around the world who need a liver transplant. We often provide options for patients who have been turned down elsewhere.
  • While we treat some of the most seriously ill patients, our patients' survival rates are consistently higher than the national average.
  • We are a pioneer in providing living donors with community support and free, lifelong local medical monitoring for any health issues that may arise related to their organ donation.

For someone who has developed a serious liver disease, a liver transplant or other surgery may be the best option. The liver is the largest internal organ. It makes nearly all the proteins, many of the fats and several hormones that keep us alive and healthy. It is the only solid organ that has the ability to regenerate. 

Yale Medicine is recognized internationally for being a pioneer in liver transplant surgeries, including such complex procedures as  transplantation from living donors. “We have a long history of success with liver transplants, a reputation for clinical excellence and patient-centered care, and a tradition of cutting-edge research and innovation,” says David Mulligan, MD, chief of transplant and immunology for Yale Medicine, and professor of transplant surgery at Yale School of Medicine.

Clinical Trials

New treatments for many conditions are tested in clinical trials, which ultimately bring lifesaving new drugs and devices to the patients who need them most. By participating in a clinical trial, you may get access to the most advanced treatments for your condition, and help determine their benefits for future patients.