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Jeremy Steele, MD

Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology
Patient type treated
Child, Adult
Accepting new patients
Referral required
From patients or physicians
Board Certified in
Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatrics


Jeremy Steele, MD, is a pediatric cardiologist with advanced training in noninvasive imaging. His work with patients (from newborns to adults) with congenital heart disease is centered around interpreting their cardiac imaging.

Dr. Steele also has highly specialized training in performing and interpreting cardiac MRIs and cardiac CT scans, and doing advanced post-process imaging to make virtual 3D re-creations of the heart defects and compute advanced flow hemodynamics (the dynamics of blood flow). This helps in assessing a patient’s physiologic and anatomical status and allows doctors to determine how close or far away their young patients may be from the next surgical intervention if they need one.

Some congenital heart defects are more serious than others, but, “By and large, pediatric cardiology is a winning field,” Dr. Steele says. “It really highlights the resiliency of children and their ability to rebound from some of the most complex and prolonged surgeries. Most children do well and are able to lead lives that are very close to normal, or in a lot of cases completely normal.”

Dr. Steele says he has always been interested in pediatric cardiology, probably because of the advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology involved. “This work requires complex next-level thinking, problem-solving, and being able to predict problems before they happen—or analyze and assess problems in real time,” he says. “That’s why imaging was so interesting for me—because I can see the interplay of anatomy and physiology on the screen in front of me.”  

“I learned from my mentor to always tell my patients that if they go to a cardiology office and the doctor finds them interesting, or there's nobody else in the waiting room like them, they're at the wrong doctor's office,” he says. “You want somebody who sees whatever you have routinely and that's a strength of our Yale Medicine pediatric cardiology group.”



  • Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • Advanced Fellow
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital (2019)
  • Fellow
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation (2018)
  • Resident
    SUNY Upstate University Medical Center (2015)
  • MD
    Ross University School of Medicine, Medicine (2012)
  • BMSc
    University of Western Ontario, Medical Sciences (2006)

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hebrew

Additional Information