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How Virtual 3-D Planning Can Improve Orthopaedic Surgery Outcomes

August 19, 2020

Poster for video Why Virtual 3D Planning is Crucial to Orthopedic Surgery at Yale

Relieving patients of pain and dysfunction is the first priority for doctors, which is why the ability to use innovative technologies like virtual 3-D surgical planning is becoming so important to orthopaedic surgeons. “Orthopaedic surgery is geared towards functionality and getting patients back to normal life," says Lisa Lattanza, MD, chair of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale Medicine.  

Othopaedic surgeons can now precisely plan a patient’ surgery ahead of time, which makes the operation – when it does occur – safer and more efficient. They do this by using a process that involves capturing images of the patient’s anatomy on a CT scan and running it through specialized software.  

The technology also provides a unique advantage—the 3-D images provide a more complete picture of the patient’s anatomy that can’t be seen on traditional X-rays. "With this 3-D technology, we're able to address each patient’s issue and not just make an assumption," says Dr. Lattanza.  

Learn more about this innovative technique in the video above.