Michael Remetz, MD, FACC

Michael Remetz, MD, FACC
Cardiovascular Medicine, Interventional Cardiology
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Adult
Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine, and Interventional Cardiology

Michael S. Remetz, MD, is an expert in interventional cardiovascular medicine, the use of angioplasty, stents and other techniques to clear blocked arteries. “There have been tremendous advances in cardiovascular medicine over the past three decades,” he says. “Patients can expect to live longer with a marked improvement in quality of life.”

In addition to caring for patients with heart ailments, he treats peripheral vascular disease, circulation disorders in blood vessels outside the heart and brain. A broad scope of expertise in all of these diseases distinguishes his practice from others, he says. An associate professor of medicine (cardiology) at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Remetz is also researching new methods of clearing blocked arteries.

Dr. Remetz says he always wanted to treat heart attacks, and perform angioplasties and similar procedures. “I was drawn by satisfaction derived in caring for these sick patients,” he says. His most memorable patient was a young woman who had a serious heart attack and had a full recovery. “She exceeded all of our expectations, had minimal heart damage and is currently living a productive, fulfilling life, free of any manifestations of coronary disease,” he says.   

Clinical Trials

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