Adam Benjamin Hittelman, MD, PhD

Adam Benjamin Hittelman, MD, PhD
Pediatric Urology, Urology
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Child; Adult

Adam B. Hittelman, MD, PhD, specializes in treating pediatric patients with urogenital problems. He has performed robotic and laparoscopic surgery on babies as young as six months. “As technology has improved and our instruments have become smaller, I’ve been able to apply these approaches to younger and younger patients,” he says. “This has allowed for shorter hospital stays, decreased postoperative pain and smaller incisions.”

Dr. Hittelman knows children with complex medical problems require a lot of care and medical attention. “To ease the burden, we try to coordinate all of the child’s care in a comfortable, child-friendly environment with as few visits as possible,” he says. “We provide regular updates during a procedure so that families know their child is doing well and the surgery is moving along.”

An assistant professor of urology and of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Hittelman focuses his clinical research on the biology behind genitourinary development. He works closely with pediatric specialists in multidisciplinary clinics to improve family access and continuity of care. Connecticut Magazine has included Dr. Hittelman in its annual list of the state’s Top Doctors.

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