Clinical Research

Our physician scientists conduct research on the disorders they treat, making our clinical work all the more effective as we translate laboratory findings to the bedside.

We seek to answer fundamental questions about the role of the immune system in human health and disease. Our investigators study the molecular basis of allergic disorders from eczema to asthma and of primary immune deficiency as well as immune deficiency resulting from therapy for autoimmune conditions.

Studies conducted by our faculty focus on the molecular genetic analysis of primary immune deficiency diseases, including newborn screening for immune deficiency. We have a particular interest in dissecting the DNA sequence abnormalities in diseases that include adult and pediatric immune deficiency, autoimmunity, and allergy. We are able to immediately move blood samples from patients in the clinic into the nearby laboratories for analysis.

For respiratory medicine, our research includes studies of genes that may increase susceptibility to asthma development and severity in children and non-viral gene therapies for cystic fibrosis.

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