Our Programs

We operate 13 multidisciplinary clinical programs, which allow our physicians and specialists to focus their expertise on specific types of cancers. Your patient-care navigator will address your individualized needs.

Our clinical programs include:

  • The Early Drug Development Program at Smilow Cancer Hospital was established to advance the treatment of cancer by introducing new drugs and drug combinations to cancer patients who have demonstrated disease/metastatic progression on existing treatments and have no clear therapeutic option that is of significant benefit. 
  • The Palliative Care Program provides comprehensive interdisciplinary care to patients and their families with a focus on symptom management and quality-of-life issues for adult patients with serious chronic, progressive or terminal illnesses.
  • The Survivorship Program is the first dedicated, multidisciplinary resource in Connecticut for adult cancer survivors. A team of caregivers, some of whom are cancer survivors, provides patients with support and guidance for going forward.