Thyroid Ultrasound

This information is useful for adults and older adults
A woman touches her neck.
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Yale Medicine uses the most advanced ultrasound equipment.
  • Radiologists, endocrinologists and surgeons work together to treat thyroid problems.
  • An cytology technician is present for all biopsies to evaluate tissue samples.

If you doctor thinks your thyroid may be enlarged or that your blood work indicates your thyroid gland isn't functioning correctly, a thyroid check may be recommended.

"When physicians feel or see enlarged thyroids in a patient's neck, they often will suggest that patients have an ultrasound performed," says Risa Kent, MD, a diagnostic radiologist at Yale Medicine and assistant professor of radiology and biomedical imaging at Yale School of Medicine. 

The primary purpose of the ultrasound is to check for thyroid cancer, and advances in technology have made the test more reliable. “The better our machines get, the better we are at detecting thyroid nodules,” Dr. Kent says. “We are seeing cancers that we would have missed 30 years ago.” 

Earlier detection provides the best opportunity for effective treatment, and Yale Medicine is well equipped to do both.