Testicular Cancer

This information is useful for children and adults
A doctor consults with his male patient who is in the age group that testicular cancer affects--15- to 34-year-olds.

Men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer may have important questions about their futures: Will I be healthy again? Will I be able to have a normal sex life? Will I be able to have children? The answer to each of these questions—especially if the cancer is caught early—is most often a resounding yes

Testicular cancer is highly treatable, and an estimated 99% percent of men with localized testicular cancer survive five years or longer. So, knowing what to look for is important to detecting this cancer 

"Usually it's not pain that causes someone to notice they have testicular cancer," says Preston Sprenkle, MD, a Yale Medicine urologist and expert in urologic cancers. "Very often it's a new lump on the testicle, so one thing we encourage is self-examination on a regular basis."