Salivary Gland Disorders

This information is useful for adults and older adults
Woman with jaw pain, possibly from a salivary gland disorder

Many people who are diagnosed with a salivary gland disorder know very little about the problem—sometimes nothing at all. What they do know is that something in the area of their jaw is causing swelling and pain in their face. They can’t see under the surface, where a blockage or other problem has developed in the glands that produce saliva. It is the trapped saliva that is causing the pain and swelling.

“Salivary gland disease is not a rare condition, but it can be quite a shock and a surprise,” says Rahmatullah Rahmati, MD, MPH, a Yale Medicine head and neck surgeon who specializes in salivary gland disorders. “If it's a recurring issue, you want to see a physician who is highly skilled at working in the head and neck region.”