Robotic Surgery for Lung Cancer

This information is useful for adults and older adults
A woman thinks about her robotic surgery for lung cancer

The term “robotic surgery” may conjure up an image of a human-sized robot wielding a scalpel—a picture that would make anyone cringe. The reality is quite different. Surgical robots are nothing like humans; rather, they are an increasingly common tool in the hands of highly skilled surgeons, and allow for better precision than other types of surgeries.

Robotic surgery is not new. But while urologists and gynecologic surgeons have been using it successfully for decades, its use for lung cancer surgeries is more recent. “We’re now developing robotic lung surgery to be the standard of care for how we manage our patients,” says Justin Blasberg, MD, the director of robotic thoracic surgery for Yale Medicine. “We’ve become very skilled in managing malignancies of the chest with the robot, and we think it offers significant advantages for our patients.”