Parathyroid Surgery

This information is useful for adults and older adults
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Why Yale Medicine?
  • An international leader in parathyroid surgery, attracting patients from around the globe
  • Specialized expertise enables our surgeons to minimize duration of surgery for faster, easier recovery
  • Our doctors cure people operated on at other institutions, whose surgery failed or whose disease recurred

If you are going to have parathyroid surgery, find a surgeon who has done a lot of them. The operation is a delicate process that involves removing a parathyroid gland that is producing too much hormone, causing problems like osteoporosis. Cure rates are high, but they can be as high as 98 percent in the hands of the most experienced surgeons.

Robert Udelsman, MD, MBA, FACS, FACE, leader of the Endocrine Cancers Program at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital, and professor of endocrine surgery at Yale School of Medicine, helped pioneer the minimally invasive approach now used at Yale Medicine and many other hospitals across the world. “If someone has parathyroid disease, we can cure them,” says Dr. Udelsman.