Ovarian Cancer Surgery

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A patient listens to her doctor who is jotting down notes on a clipboard.
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Real-time diagnosis during ovarian surgery
  • Sub-specialists have deep expertise in ovarian cancer
  • Advanced diagnostic tools, including molecular biomarkers

Ovarian cancer, which begins in the female's reproductive organ, is notorious for being a "silent killer." It is often discovered late, when the cancer has reached an advanced state and treatment options are limited. "When ovarian cancer develops, the cancer has a lot of room to grow within the pelvis. The patient does not feel anything, so the tumor can reach a very large size," says Pei Hui, PhD, MD, professor of Pathology, clinical director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and director of Gynecological Pathology at Yale Medicine. "It's hard to diagnose early ovarian cancer, which is often undetectable clinically."