Lead Poisoning (in Children)

This information is useful for children
girl playing near a window, which may contain lead

Credit: Getty Images

Lead poisoning is completely preventable, yet it is one of the most common pediatric public health problems, particularly in the Northeast region. Exposure to lead can harm young children and babies, even before birth. Often, a child with lead poisoning shows no initial signs or symptoms, other than elevated levels of lead in his or her blood.

Yale Medicine’s Pediatric Lead Program specializes in treating children with lead poisoning. Our team, which sees patients at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Lead Poisoning and Regional Treatment Center, includes medical, social work and public health experts.

“Lead is a problem in many northeastern cities,” says Carl R. Baum, MD, director of the Pediatric Lead Program and a medical toxicologist. “And a majority of what we see comes from dust from old paint. The best-case scenario would be that families never move into those older homes with lead paint in the first place.” 

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