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Pediatric Genomics Discovery Program (PGDP)

  • Study HIC#:1411014977
  • Last Updated:07/11/2024

The Pediatric Genomics Discovery Program (PGDP) seeks to discover the genes that cause childhood diseases. Researchers hope to create a map of our DNA, which is what tell the human body how to grow, develop and function. This DNA map may help explain the cause of some medical conditions in children. Some of these discoveries we hope will guide us towards giving our children the best medical care possible. Researchers intend to discover new ways to detect, treat and maybe even prevent or cure childhood illnesses.

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Monica Konstantino

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Trial Purpose and Description

The main goal of the The Pediatric Genomics Discovery Program (PGDP) is to establish a collection of health related data and biological samples from probands and relatives of interest that would enable researchers to study the underlying mechanisms for various neonatal or childhood critical illnesses and other health related studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Children with severe illnesses where the cause of the disease is unknown. This can include birth defects where the cause is unknown or severe illnesses that cannot be explained despite extensive medical testing. Also enrolling newborns.

Principal Investigator


For more information about this study, including how to volunteer, contact: