Diagnosing Endometriosis

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Why Yale Medicine?
  • Our pathologists have deep expertise in diagnosing endometriosis.
  • Our team of pathologists have sub-specialization in gynecologic pathology.
  • The large volume of gynecologic specimens we handle translates to more accurate diagnoses.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects at least 6 million girls and women in the United States during their reproductive years. “Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue, the tissue of the inner lining of the uterus, starts to grow outside of the uterus,” says Veerle Bossuyt, MD, assistant professor of pathology at Yale School of Medicine. The displaced tissue can cause irritation and sometimes severe pain, during menstruation and intercourse. The condition can also lead to infertility. Most commonly, endometriosis involves the ovaries, the bowel or the tissue lining the pelvis, and only rarely does it spread beyond the pelvic region.