Childhood Trauma and Violence

This information is useful for children
Why Yale Medicine?
  • We help children and families overcome traumatic events through a program we pioneered.
  • Our program has been replicated and found successful in cities around the world.
  • We believe children who witness or experience traumatic events need quick and thorough care.

Witnessing or enduring trauma can be particularly hard for children, for view of the world is not yet developed, but it does not have to ruin a child's life. 

In fact, recovery after trauma—or a terrifying experience that overwhelms normal capacities to regulate thinking or emotional and physical responses—is possible. For that to happen, a child needs the right kind of support in the aftermath of a traumatic event, says Steven Marans, MSW, PhD, a psychoanalyst with the Yale Medicine Child Study Center and a professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. 

The Child Study Center's Childhood Trauma Program offers the experience of helping tens of thousands of families overcome traumatic events. We are known across the world in our pioneering work training child development experts and police officers to work together to quickly link children exposed to trauma with support resources.

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