Bladder Cancer

This information is useful for adults and older adults
A man who may have had bladder cancer enjoys a garden walk.

If bladder cancer runs in your family or you're concerned about this disease, you should know this one important fact: This type of cancer is highly treatable when diagnosed in the early stages.

The most common form of bladder cancer starts in the organ's innermost tissue layer. “The lining of the bladder is constantly in contact with carcinogens that enter the bloodstream and get filtered through the kidneys,” says Daniel Petrylak, MD, urologist at Yale Medicine, and professor of medicine and urology. 

When bladder cancer spreads to nearby organs and lymph nodes, the disease is considered invasive. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can all be treatment options, depending on the severity of this cancer.

The physicians and surgeons at Yale Medicine's Urologic Oncology Program are at the forefront of bladder cancer treatment and research, integrating innovative approaches and the latest research and technology to provide superior patient care. We have played a leading role in researching immunotherapy as an effective treatment for advanced bladder cancer. Our caregivers are committed to offering both early and late-stage bladder cancer patients the most advanced diagnostic technologies and treatment strategies available.