Jaimie Paul Meyer, MD, MS, FACP

Jaimie Paul Meyer, MD, MS, FACP
Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Adult
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease

Dr. Meyer completed her clinical training in and maintains board certification in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, along with DEA certification to prescribe buprenorphine. Her clinical work includes a weekly HIV clinic at York Correctional Institute for Women, the only criminal justice facility for women in the state of Connecticut, which informs her investigative work. She has received formal training in clinical research methods through two post-doctoral fellowships, one in Investigative Infectious Diseases and one in Interdisciplinary HIV Prevention Training at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, and a Master of Science in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health. Her research career to date has focused on issues related to HIV prevention and treatment among women in diverse criminal justice settings, especially as it is intertwined with and complicated by substance use disorders and intimate partner violence. She has published in a broad array of peer-reviewed journals, collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of scientists. Dr. Meyer is a recipient of the Bristol Myers-Squibb Virology Fellow Award, a Patterson Trust Award in Clinical Research, and a NIDA K23 Career Development Award.

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine (AIDS) and Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing