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Therapeutic Radiology

The Department of Therapeutic Radiology works closely with the Yale Cancer Center to comprehensively evaluate and treat patients in need of any form of radiation therapy. We are widely known for our innovative approach to treatment, and have extensive experience in the following specialized areas:

  • Breast cancer radiotherapy
  • Central nervous system radiotherapy
  • Gastrointestinal radiotherapy
  • Head and neck radiotherapy
  • Pediatric radiotherapy
  • Prostate and genitourinary cancer radiotherapy
  • Spine radiosurgery
  • Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and Gamma Knife® radiosurgery
  • Thoracic radiotherapy
  • Total skin electron beam therapy (TSEBT)

Our primary goal is to ensure our patients receive the right amount of radiation at the tumor site, with as little impact as possible on the surrounding healthy tissue. Our treatment planning program, also known as medical dosimetry, is focused on just that, providing a highly individualized external or internal radiation treatment course for each patient.

Distinguishing Factors

  • Site of the only Gamma Knife® center in Connecticut
  • One of the largest U.S. centers for stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)
  • First program in Connecticut to incorporate SpaceOAR hydrogel technology in prostate radiotherapy
  • First and only program in New England to combine SpaceOAR technology with Calypso radiofrequency tracing for precision prostate surgery