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Stroke Telemedicine Program

For patients at other Connecticut hospitals who present with acute stroke symptoms, our Stroke Telemedicine Program allows local providers to consult with our neurologists via video- and image-sharing technology. Within minutes of making an initial call to the Stroke Telemedicine Program, the on-call neurologist can examine a patient at the remote hospital to help diagnose and make recommendations for treatment. Yale New Haven Hospital is the only hospital in Connecticut to offer stroke telemedicine services.

Some patients who present with the opportunity for treatment with IV tPA may be transferred to Yale New Haven Hospital. tPA is the only FDA-approved treatment for strokes caused by blocked blood vessels, which account for the vast majority of them. Stroke telemedicine programs throughout the country have demonstrated that telemedicine conferencing between outlying hospitals and trained stroke neurologists can improve outcomes for stroke patients, enhancing the use of tPA at hospitals that do not have on-site neurologists 24/7.