Our Services

Because patients with spine problems often benefit from having more than one type of health care provider, the members of our Spine Center team come together at one location to optimize patient care. Our program includes the following services:

Nonsurgical Care

Our physiatry physicians offer both spine and epidural injections. These injections are performed as part of a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan and direct the physical therapy rehabilitation plan.

Pain Management

Our anesthesia physicians provide patients with the safest and most effective pain relief options, including neck, spinal, and epidural injections, as well as nerve ablations. These are performed as part of a comprehensive spine treatment management strategy.

Surgical Care

Both neurosurgical and orthopaedic spine surgeons perform minimally invasive spinal surgery, spinal fusions, spinal decompressions, surgical intervention for spinal tumors, and treatment of vertebral fractures.

Behavioral health

For patients with chronic spine pain, our behavioral health therapists focus on improving the patient's ability to manage and cope with chronic pain.

Specialized spine physical therapy

All of our spine therapists have advanced training in specialized rehabilitation protocols for spine patients. This is critical in enhancing recovery. This includes the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy, the Schroth method for Scoliosis, the Graston soft tissue technique, and Myofascial decompression.