Refer a Patient

Whether you are a caregiver, a patient, or a referring provider, our department is equipped to handle your requests. Our physicians are happy to see new referrals as well as patients desiring a second opinion.

New referrals for pediatric specialty appointments can be initiated by completing the Pediatric One-Call Referral Form or reaching out to our call service at 203-785-4081. Our Call Center fax number is 203-737-7635. If you have EPIC in your practice, you can refer using EPIC. 

Additionally, you can click here to enter a referral via the web

More Information

Inpatient Transfers

Please call 888-964-4233 to reach our 24/7 Y Access Line, our phone center exclusively for providers. You will speak directly with a live clinician who is ready to expedite your request for a patient transfer to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.