Our Approach

First, we want to determine your weight-loss goal. You may need to lose 5 to 10 percent of your body weight to help in the treatment of a disease, you may want to achieve your ideal body weight, or do something in between. We will then present a range of options to you. You will choose from among interventions that range from intensive meal-replacement programs that can result in a weight loss between 30 to 60 pounds in 12 weeks to a range of medications to endoscopic options that can cause gradual weight loss over six months. Sometimes there are additional medical necessities such as an upcoming surgery that requires a specific weight-loss goal.

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various options, but the choice will depend primarily on what feels right to you. With the increase in effective weight-loss options, we can identify a weight-loss regimen that best fits your short- and long-term weight loss goals.