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Joint Reconstruction

We provide diagnostic treatment and rehabilitation for individuals with degenerative and inflammatory arthritis. Our team’s primary goal is to relieve patients of their pain, restore their function, and improve quality of life. Our orthopaedic surgeons are experts in primary and revision joint care and reconstruction surgeries.

We also provide comprehensive services for patients who require primary and revision joint reconstruction. Our physicians guide patients every step of the way, from diagnosis and treatment options to postoperative care and physical therapy.

Poster for video Adult Joint Reconstruction at Yale

Adult Joint Reconstruction at Yale

The Adult Reconstruction Section provides comprehensive care for patients with a wide variety of hip and knee joint-related problems. Our expert clinicians combine the latest scientific research with innovative surgical techniques to relieve pain and improve joint function, helping to transform the lives of our patients. We treat a variety of conditions, including inflammatory arthropathy and degenerative osteoarthritis, congenital and post-traumatic injuries, infections, and fractures.

Our Services

Our team offers the following specialized services:

  • Hip and knee replacement
  • Primary and revision surgery
  • Arthroscopic procedures