Our Team

Our team includes nationally recognized, board-certified pediatric ear, nose, and throat surgeons. They work with licensed audiologists and nurse practitioners to address each child’s needs as they treat and manage their ear, nose, and throat condition, hearing impairment, or hearing loss.

Nurse Coordinators

Our ENT Nurse Coordinators are available to support our coordination of all care needs from initial contact with first appointment and throughout the continuum of care. As the main point of contact, the nurse coordinators are the liaison between patient and physician, and coordinates multiple care needs from answering questions and concerns, to planning for diagnostic tests and procedures.

Multidisciplinary programs

We collaborate with primary care providers and other specialists to optimize each child’s health and provide a comprehensive network for his or her care. By working with multiple multidisciplinary programs, we can ensure that children are receiving the care they need per their specific treatment plan. The programs that we work closely with include:

  • Pediatric Audiology
    Our audiologists are pediatric-trained and dedicated to improving the lives of children with hearing difficulties. Highly experienced, they collaborate with otolaryngologists to provide appropriate options and interventions for hearing loss using the latest technology. These options include hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing aids, and cochlear implants.
  • Aerodigestive Program
    Pediatric specialists provide comprehensive care for airway breathing, feeding, and swallowing disorders caused by problems of the aerodigestive tract. The team comprises otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, nurses, nutritionists and speech language pathologists.
  • Speech & Swallow Program
    The Speech and Swallow Program accommodates children with all forms of communication disorders, including speech, language, voice fluency, and swallowing disorders.
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    The clinical team comprises a plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, dental surgeon, orthodontist, neurosurgeon, as well as speech and swallow pathologists. These specialists provide a team approach for the diagnosis and treatment of children with congenital defects or traumatic injuries to the head and neck.