Prepare for Your Visit

If you are having a mole checked at your next visit, it's important to know that all moles that are removed should be evaluated by a competent dermatopathologist, a pathologist who is specially trained to study skin specimens. Often, the dermatopathologist must consult with the dermatologist in order to get additional information about the mole, which is best accomplished when the dermatopathologist and the dermatologist have an ongoing professional relationship. Learn more about Yale Medicine Dermatopathology.

Our schedulers will need the following information:

Precise location of your biopsy:  Please ‘pinpoint’ the exact spot where you had your biopsy. If you are unsure about being able to pinpoint the exact spot, we recommend you take a photograph of the site before it heals.

Your current address and contact phone numbers: This should include home, work, and cell phone numbers.

Medical insurance information: We need to have your current medical insurance policy and plan information. If your insurance requires a referral to see us, please make sure you contact your primary care physician.

Before seeing your doctor, you will receive a packet containing the following:

  • Confirmation of your appointment date and time
  • Directions to our office.
  • A medical history form that needs to be completed prior to your visit. This form is specific to our office and separate from the information you give during your registration process.

Seeing your doctor:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so that you can fill out some forms. We make every effort to keep to our schedule.
  • Please bring insurance cards with you. You will need to present them at the office and if co-pays are applicable, they are due at time of service.

For Mohs Surgery patients:

Please review the documents and procedures below prior to your arrival. We will mail all the necessary documents for you to fill out and bring with you before your scheduled appointment.

Click here to download the Mohs Informational packet

Click here to download Pre/Post Operation Procedures

Click here to download "Yellow" information sheet

Click here to download the Health Questionnaire