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Classical Hematology at Smilow Cancer Hospital

As part of our Center of Excellence for Classical Hematology at Smilow Cancer Hospital, our hematologists provide a full spectrum of highly specialized care to patients with nonmalignant hematology disorders and participate in research to advance treatment options. 

Our Approach

The types of disorders cared for are varied and include thrombosis, anemia, bleeding and platelet disorders, and other hematological conditions and rare diseases. Our hematologists work closely with a specialized team of advanced practice providers (APPs) and nurses, in addition to our colleagues in Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine, in order to provide a multidisciplinary clinical focus. 

Community outreach and education are key components of the program in order to improve awareness and understanding of non-cancer blood disorders and train the next generation of physicians, APPs, and nurses.  

Our Services

We offer treatment for:

  • Thrombosis: blood clots blocking blood vessels
  • Anemia: a lower-than-normal amount of healthy red blood cells
  • Bleeding and platelet disorders: an abnormal decrease or increase in platelets or platelet dysfunction; abnormal bruising or bleeding; low or dysfunctional platelets
  • Other hematological conditions: hemoglobin disorders, thalassemia, red cell enzyme or membrane disorders, low white blood cells
  • Rare diseases: porphyria, PNH, mast cell disorders, eosinophil and histiocyte disorders, cold agglutinin disease