Dr. Geoffrey Lowell Chupp examines a patient's nose

Our goal is to provide world class medical treatment to patients with asthma, including difficult to control asthma, and complicated airways diseases. If conventional medications and therapies have not worked, you may have the opportunity to participate in innovative research.

At Yale Medicine, our asthma and airway disease experts offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment for a broad spectrum of conditions including:

  • Treatment-resistant asthma

  • Steroid-dependent asthma

  • Steroid-resistant asthma

  • Environmental and occupational asthma

  • Exercise-induced asthma

We frequently take care of patients with asthma that is difficult to control, chronic cough, those whose condition is difficult to diagnose and those who may be significantly affected by such co-occurring illnesses as gastroesophageal reflux, sinusitis or vocal-cord dysfunction. We develop individualized care plans for all patients, with the goal of forming a working partnership with the referring primary care provider.