Pediatric Liver Transplants

This information is useful for children
Why Yale Medicine?
  • The Yale New Haven Transplant Center is the only transplant center providing pediatric liver transplantation in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and southern Massachusetts.
  • Our team has performed more than 74 transplants; the survival rate is 100 percent.
  • Our pediatric liver specialists have the expertise to diagnose and treat liver disease early and accurately.

The liver has several important jobs, including cleaning the blood and getting rid of toxins. So when a child’s liver becomes badly diseased or damaged, it may need to be replaced with a healthy liver (or a portion of one), so the body can function normally.

Fortunately, pediatric liver transplants at Yale Medicine are extremely safe and successful, and can cure many cases of childhood liver failure. From diagnosis to medical treatment to surgery – when needed – to recovery, patients and their families are in good hands.