Outdoor Emergencies and Injuries

This information is useful for children and adults
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Physicians who teach and provide expertise on wilderness medicine throughout Connecticut
  • One of only 13 fellowship training programs in wilderness medicine in the United States
  • Providers of specialty care for patients evacuated during emergency situations

A hiking trip into the mountains or a kayaking adventure on a raging river can be inspiring and invigorating, but it’s important to be prepared in case of injury or illness.

Yale Medicine’s emergency department doctors are well-versed in caring for patients who’ve been hurt in the wilderness. Here, David Della-Giustina, MD—professor of emergency medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, emergency medicine residency program director and program director of the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship—offers tips on how to prevent a catastrophe. 

Doctors who practice wilderness medicine are trained to take care of patients in any situation where there are limited resources and evacuation capabilities, at any time of the day, in any weather or climate situation.

Patients who are injured or become sick in the wilderness may end up in Yale Medicine’s Department of Emergency Medicine, whether they go there directly on their own or have been evacuated from a remote area by emergency personnel.