Fertility Preservation

This information is useful for children and adults
A woman looks thoughtful, maybe considering fertility preservation

Less than a generation ago, fertility preservation was the stuff of science fiction, but so much has changed in recent years. Modern technologies have caught up with modern lifestyles. 

Highly successful fertility preservation methods are now available to cancer patients hoping to conceive in the future as well as women who have put off starting a family due to partnering later in life or pursuing a demanding career.

"Fertility preservation is a new branch of reproductive medicine which was started about 20 years ago and has now grown into a well-established practice, says Pasquale Patrizio, MD, director of the Yale Fertility Center's Fertility Preservation Program. "We have a true comprehensive practice. Besides offering the entire spectrum of treatments available for fertility preservation, we are constantly exchanging information about new protocols and treatments with our colleagues and experts, which allows us to quickly implement any new methods or changes."