Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery

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Why Yale Medicine?
  • Our orthopaedic surgeons are among the most experienced with artificial disk replacement worldwide.
  • A Yale Medicine specialist helped test one of the first artificial disks used in the U.S., as well as to develop the next-generation device, Active-L, now used around the world.
  • Yale Medicine's Spine Center provides advanced, personalized care for degenerative neck and back conditions including disk replacements.

Chances are you've had back pain at some point in your life—eight out of 10 people do. While back pain has many causes, one of the most common is degenerative disk disease, an erosion of the vertebral disks in the cervical (upper) and lumbar (lower) spine that is especially common as we age. 

The pain this causes can be incapacitating and quite disabling,” according to Yale Medicine Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation specialists, who  have a long and highly respected track record in artificial disk replacement.

Not actually an illness or even an injury, the term “degenerative disk disease” describes damage to the spinal disks that serve as shock absorbers in the upper (cervical) spine, including the neck, and the lower (lumbar) spine and lower back. Many patients have severe back pain that makes it impossible to do simple things, like go to work or interact with their families.