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  • 00:00 --> 00:14Support for Yale Cancer Center Answers comes from AstraZeneca, the company behind Your Cancer, an effort to bring together the community that has worked together to bring us miles closer to a world without cancer. Learn more at 00:14.900 --> 00:41.500 Welcome to Yale Cancer Answers with doctors Anees Chagpar and Steven Gore. Yale Cancer Answers features the latest information on cancer care by welcoming oncologists and specialists who are on the forefront of the battle to fight cancer. This week, it is a conversation about International Medicine with George Ssenyange. George is a medical exchange student and Dr. Chagpar is a Professor of Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine. 00:41.500 --> 00:48.100 Chagpar
  • 13:55 --> 14:09Medical Minute Support for Yale Cancer Answers comes from AstraZeneca, addressing cancer takes a whole community to celebrate the real difference makers AstraZeneca is introducing Your Cancer. Learn more at 14:09.100 --> 15:02.900 This is a medical minute about breast cancer. The most common cancer in women. In Connecticut alone, approximately 3000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, but thanks to earlier detection, noninvasive treatments and novel therapies, there are more options for patients to fight breast cancer than ever before. Women should schedule a baseline mammogram beginning at age 40 or earlier if they have risk factors associated with breast cancer. Digital breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammography is transforming breast screening by significantly reducing unnecessary procedures while picking up more cancers and eliminating some of the fear and anxiety many experience. More information is available at 15:02.900 --> 16:00.700
  • 31:37 --> 32:01George Ssenyange is a Medical Exchange Student at the Yale School of Medicine. If you have questions, the address is and past editions of the program are available in audio and written form at We hope you will join us next week to learn more about the fight against cancer here on Connecticut Public Radio.