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For Physicians: Refer an International Patient

Thank you for your interest in referring a patient to the International Medicine Program. We look forward to working with you to help find the best medical care for your patient. Please follow these easy steps.

*As part of the process, we require the patient's medical records in English.* 

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us at +1-203-495-9253 or complete the brief Physician Referral Information Request Form online. We will connect you with one of our Physician Consultants, all of whom have extensive knowledge of our clinical resources. Our call center is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. 

Step 2: Complete the Form

The Physician Consultant will assist you in completing the Information Request Form (if you haven't already completed it online). The form tells us about your patient and the services you are requesting. 

Step 3: Let’s Review

Within 2 business days, the Physician Consultant and an appropriate Physician Specialist will call you back to review your patient's case in more detail. 

Step 4: Submit Medical Records

At this time, the patient's medical records will be requested. This will be coordinated through our International Medicine Program Coordinator, the referring physician and the patient. We will provide the patient with access to a secure portal to upload the medical records. We must receive your patient's medical records, translated into English, prior to providing a cost estimate for your patient. 

Step 5: Decision and Estimate

We will fully review your patient’s file within 7 business days of receiving the appropriate medical records; our Physician Specialist will inform you of our decision about whether the International Medicine Program can care for your patient. If your client is accepted to the program, the International Medicine Program Coordinator will provide your patient with a full estimate for our medical services, including hospital and physician charges.

Are you ready to refer a patient?

Physicians, please call +1-203-495-9253 or complete the online Physician Referral Information Request Form.