Ryan Coughlin, MD

Ryan Coughlin, MD
Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Services
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Child; Adult; Older Adult
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

Dr. Coughlin is a Clinical Instructor in Emergency Medicine. He serves as associate EMS Fellowship Director, residency EMS rotation coordinator, and field operations medical director for the Center for EMS. He is also a member of of the Sponsor Hospital Area Response Physician (SHARP) Team, the only state-certified EMS physician response team in Connecticut. He is also active with residency education, as a member of the Education and Clinical Competency Committees.

Dr. Coughlin has specific interests in tactical emergency medical support and disaster preparedness. He is an instructor with the West Hartford Police Tactical & Protective Medical Branch Cadre, providing education for CT State Police, SWAT, Marshall, Fire, and Paramedic personnel. He serves as the physician leadership on the Connecticut specialty care transport development committee, and is a member of Connecticut's Region 2 Emergency Planning Team Steering Committee (REPT-SC). He is actively creating a network of greater New Haven area law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies with the purpose of a coordinated response plan for active shooters and other hostile events in the community.

Dr. Coughlin has networked with EMS physicians nationally to create shared open-source fellowship education, EMS board review materials, and lecture libraries. His current research projects include mass casualty preparedness, active shooter and hostile event response, prehospital ultrasound for dyspneic adult patients, and several QI projects.